Machining Unit

Machining Unit with CNC Slide

This modular assembly gives you CNC adjustable feeding rate and fast reversing control for heavy duty machining. Roller type linear blocks are implemented and enhanced the assembly rigidity for your machining applications.

Spindle Model : S80H-NT50
Slide Model : RH300-520L
Spindle Motor : DELTA Servo 4.5 KW
Feed Motor : DELTA Servo 2.0 KW
Bearing Lubrication : Lifetime Grease
Belt Transmission : Timing or Poly-V drive
Pulleys ratio : 1:1
Maximum RPM: 3000
Standard Color : RAL 6011 (GREEN)

Options (quote on demand)
. Center Coolant Rotary Joint
. Automatic Tool Clamping System
. Adaptation for Multiple Spindle Head