facing head, facing spindle

FMDM155 Built-in Motor Facing Head Unit

FMDM155 Built-in asynchronous motor spindle with facing head is designed of a ball screw grade C5 driven which are incorporated with a servo motor for feeding. The roundness of spindle nose is within 0.002mm and repeatability of facing head slider is within 0.01mm and driven by a servo motor. This spindle unit is capable for processing like inner (ID) and outer (OD) turning, grooving, conical boring, conical threading, concave/convex rounding and other spherical machining.

.Facing slide stroke 8mm
.Facing slider repeatability within 0.005mm
.Motor Power : 3.7kW
.Maximum Stroke : 120mm
.Maximum RPM : 1600
.Feeding is driven by a grade C5 ball screw
.OMRON proximity switch sensors and stand are furnished
.Oil cooler is required
.Driver is required
.Encoder is Optional