servo feed drilling spindle, servo feed tapping spindle

SSD05 Drilling Tapping Spindle Unit - Servo Feed

SSD05 spindle unit is designed servo feeding with ball screw grade C5 and servo motor, the accuracy of spindle nose is strictly under 0.003mm and maximum drilling capacity up to 13mm (S45C).
CNC Spindle allows to perform all types of machining applications such as drilling, tapping, chamfering, reaming and countersinking.

. Standard 3-phase AC motor 0.75kW is included, optional maximum power up to 1.5kW
. Belt driven at fixed speed and incorporate a timing, V or Poly-V belt
. Feed rate is programmable and driven by preferable servo motor
. Feeding is driven by HIWIN or PMI Grade C5 ball screw
. Spindle taper ER20 and JT6 are available
. Available for servo driven at variable speeds
. OMRON proximity switch sensors and stand are furnished
. AC Induction Motor protection IP 54